Meet our Staff

Enzo Medina


In charge of operations and customer services. Enzo Medina has 10 years of experience placing  the right employee according to the needs of our clients.

Cristy Menendez


More than 15 years in the area of Human Resources, Finance and Administration.

In charge of safety at work

Relationship Manager

Cesar A Medina


Our Founder  and CEO, is a man who came from Peru  20 years ago looking for the American dream. Working as a lumper and then as assistant manager in a warehouse. Seeing the need that the company had in which I was working to find qualified personnel, he made the decision to find those employees that the company needs and form his own temporary employment agency.

Jennifer Villon


Payroll Manager

Billing Account 

Emily Castro


Payroll  and Billing Accounting Assistant

Ana Maria Mejia


Passaic Branch Manager